Hurricane Update

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I most likely will not be blogging for most of the week if at all until next Monday the 3rd. If you've been watching the weather channel lately we are supposed to be getting yet another hurricane, Hurricane Isaac, down here in Southeast Louisiana within the next couple of days. Right now it is a tropical storm, but the models show it strengthening to a category 2 and heading straight for New Orleans. I am in the process of getting my evacuation plans together and will most likely be heading to Tennessee to work temporarily if this storm comes so as you can guess it I won't have time to write up any posts for you all this week so I apologize in advance. I will keep you all up to date on my whereabouts throughout the week and whats going on. Thanks guys and wish me luck as I hope this is not another Katrina {it is not projected to be quite as strong}! Wishful thinking, but maybe it will not be as bad as everyone is thinking. xoxo, Kayleigh.


Fave Friday

1. Bridget Stripe Belted Knit Dress, Banana Republic; $89.50
2. Gabriel Fern Throw, Crate & Barrel; $69.95
3. Pattern by Orla Kiely, Barnes & Noble; $19.99
4. Barbara Floral Scarf, Banana Republic; $49.50
5. Fiammetta Holders, Anthropologie; $14

Enjoy your weekend! xoxo, Kayleigh.


Dreamy Bar Carts

I would love to have a fabulous bar cart, but I just don't have the room in my small condo for one. It doesn't help that everywhere I turn there are beautiful options available. If your in the market for one (unlike me, sad face), then here is some amazing inspiration for you.

Swooning over all of these! Hmm, maybe I can use one for another purpose like storing books and such. Anyone purchase a bar cart lately? Are you using it for what its intended for or perhaps for something else? Please share!! xoxo, Kayleigh.


Pinners Anonymous

Welcome to another edition of Pinners Anonymous! Enjoy!

source - The bookshelves with the brass lighting above are absolutely stunning.

source - I like how the mirror is right above the dresser. Oh, and of course the exposed brick.

source - Love the idea of storing soap in pretty jars in the bathroom. I actually started doing this and it looks nice.

source - I am really contemplating getting these. They are super adorable and reasonably priced!

source - Love this idea of putting old graters over candles. I bet its pretty on the wall and ceiling when you turn out the lights at night.

source - Bug would love this. He could curl up and take a huge long snooze.

source - How pretty are those stairs? Would be so fun, but Ian would say no!

source - Would be super cute for a brunch or party.

source - Obsessed with that chair over the sheepskin rug.

source - Beautiful dining area. I just love the farmhouse lighting and the exposed beams.

source - Love!

source - I am really liking exposed brick interiors. The rug is fab too!

source - Love this bathroom and find that wire anchor on the wall so cute and a nice touch.

Happy pinning! xoxo, Kayleigh.


Artsy Tuesday - Becca Stadtlander

I introduce you to Becca from Becca Stadtlander on Etsy. She is an illustrator living and working in Covington, Kentucky. Becca attended the Maryland Institute College of Art where she earned a BFA in illustration. Some of her clients include The New York Times, American Greetings, as well as The Saturday Evening Post and Ladies Home Journal. Becca's work has also been featured at Design Sponge and has won many awards.

I absolutely adore Becca's work and I knew instantly I had to share it with you all. I think it is beautiful, vibrant, and so full of life. She is one talented lady and it is clearly shown in her work. I think any of her pieces would bring a lot of character to your home or space. So take a look at some of my favorites from her shop.

Aren't they wonderful? I think my absolute favorite is the Red Fox. So beautiful and I love the colors! So go take a look at her shop, as well as her sweet blog and website. She even recently shared her beautiful new home and it is super cute! xoxo, Kayleigh.

Information about Becca Stadtlander was provided by Becca Stadtlander or taken from their profile on Etsy or personal site/blog.
As always, if you are interested in being featured in one of my Artsy Tuesday posts, please feel free to email me at: kbellant16@gmail.com.


Introducing My Newest Sponsor

I wanted to introduce you to my newest sponsor, Alison from Eastwitching. Sound familiar? I've featured her work twice, last year and just last week. She is super sweet, a wonderful artist and I am thrilled to have her as my newest sponsor. So go visit her shop and blog and show her some love!
Isn't her sponsor button the cutest?  I truly am in love with her work! xoxo, Kayleigh.

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Fave Friday

4. Hive Art Print, Wit & Whistle; $18
5. Coral Cake Stand, BHLDN; $58

Enjoy your weekend! xoxo, Kayleigh.


Dreaming of the Right Chair

Notice the new header and color? I know I'm such a pain when it comes to the look of my blog {I feel like I've changed it a bazillion and one times}, but I felt like I needed more of a contrasting color to the grey and then that led to me playing with my header and well that was that. I will be tweaking it more over the weekend just to get it just right. I'm probably going to change it again sometime in the near future because I'm never satisfied with it ever so I'm apologizing in advance.  Sorry if it bothers you. But moving on!

Well the boyfriend has been without a 'man chair', as he calls it, for about a year now. Lily, our youngest cat, decided about this time last year that she wanted to 'mark her territory' over and over again on the former 'man chair' so we have been on the constant search for a new one ever since {we had to toss it, it got pretty nasty}. He wants a recliner and I want it to match our decor and look stylish so we have to find the right chair that meets in the middle. Recliner's aren't very aesthetically pleasing to me, but a nice club chair that has a deep back or that does recline would be fine. We haven't had the best of luck finding the perfect chair on a (shoes string) budget. We both would love a beautiful leather chair, but I'm afraid the cats claws would eventually get to it. They are very good furbabies and don't claw at furniture but they love to run and jump on things and I'm afraid one slip and it'll be over. This past Saturday we decided to go on a serious hunt for a chair but had no luck. We did find a good option at our local World Market, but I'm not 100% sold on it because it's mostly leather. I also found a beautiful leather chair from World Market online that I'm almost in love with but again leather! I'm trying to stay under $400 if possible but am willing to go a maximum of $500 if I need to. Anyone have a great upholstered chair that they recently bought that they love and purchased for under $400 {We don't live near an Ikea so thats out}? Any help would be great! Here is the chair we've been looking at that we saw the other day, that is mostly leather of course.

Any thoughts or suggestions? xoxo, Kayleigh.


Cool Collaboration: Orla Kiely and Method

I recently discovered that Orla Kiely and Method collaborated together to make a limited edition collection. Let's just say I was super excited because I love me some Orla Kiely {I had an epic failure moment and totally missed the collaboration Target had with Orla Kiely in 2009. I don't know where my head was at.}!! So instead of having my head in the clouds this time I jumped on it and went to explore the options at my local Target {not all Target stores carry every scent and pattern}. I picked up a bottle of the hand soap in pear ginger with the pear pattern on it! First of all, the Orla Kiely pear pattern is so dang cute and second the Method pear ginger soap smells AMAZING!! I don't think I've ever smelled a soap soooo good {Well there is one Mrs. Meyers soap scent that's pretty wonderful, but that's a whole other story}. Anyways, I had to share because I thought it was pretty cool! The bottles aren't glass or anything, just your typical hard plastic bottle, but that can be refilled also. And, all are $2.99 each at Target and $3.99 on the Method site which is not too shabby. Too bad they couldn't have made a glass soap pump to throw in the mix. xoxo, Kayleigh.
{Gel Hand Wash - Primrose, Vanilla Chai, Bay Leaf, Pear Ginger} 
{Dish Soap - Pear Ginger; All-Purpose Cleaner - Pear Ginger}
{Foam Hand Wash - Primrose, Vanilla Chai, Bay Leaf}

Cool Collaboration is a new feature that I will be doing as I come across companies that join together to do fun and amazing collaborations. I am not paid nor given products to do these, it's just my little ole opinion.


Artsy Tuesday - Eastwitching

I re-introduce to you Alison from Eastwitching on Etsy. I featured her work last year {which you can find here}, but thought it would be fun to feature some of her new work and get her to write up a little blurb about herself and how she got started! So without further ado, here is Alison.

I came to painting full-time (after 18 years of working at other jobs including teaching in the UK and Spain, working in tourism in France and PA work for the National Museum of Wales) thanks to an inner ear tumor that changed my life. Having painted as a hobby for years I showed at various national shows in Wales and sold privately in galleries and by word of mouth. Continually experimenting and learning I also developed a love of pastel portraiture and painted flowers and landscapes in watercolour when I first started out. I found Etsy while surfing the net about 4 years ago but before I could get into it I was diagnosed with a life-threatening ear tumor. This was removed 3 years ago and during my long recuperation I found art again and began painting more and more. I started my Etsy shop in earnest in 2010 and haven't looked back since. I never went back to my old job and now am so very lucky to be painting full time after 20 years of doing it as a hobby.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Alison or her work, she is an artist living and working in the UK. She mostly paints animals in watercolor, but has recently ventured out into some sea life. Her work is absolutely beautiful and I adore every single piece. She is also one of the most sweetest people I've come across since starting this blog last year and I just love keeping in touch with her. I've also expressed an interest in maybe getting into some watercolor painting myself and she gave me the best start up advice and was oh, so helpful. My hat goes off to her. So here are some of my favorites of hers that are fairly new.

Aren't they just beautiful? I am in love with that Stag Print. Absolutely beautiful! I also have one of her watercolor fox prints called 'The Mesmerizing Fox' and it is probably my favorite piece of art that I own. It's amazing! So take a look at her shop on Etsy and she also has a great blog where she shares what she's currently working on and from time to time hosts weekly games where you can win one of her prints yourself {she may be starting this back up in the fall, but don't quote me on that}. xoxo, Kayleigh.

Information about Eastwitching was provided by Eastwitching or taken from their profile on Etsy or personal site/blog.


Bridal Shower Over the Weekend

Well one of my good friends, Jena, is getting married at the beginning of September and I am one of her bridesmaids. So the maid of honor and I along with Jena's mom decided to take it upon ourselves to throw her a surprise bridal shower, the theme being, He Put A Ring On It! After a couple of months of planning and trying to hide it from Jena as best we could, we finally pulled off a pretty cute little shower yesterday without a hitch. I made the invites myself and sent them out about 3 weeks prior to the party and then we diy'ed pretty much everything. Sierra, the maid of honor, has a small cake/cupcake/cookie business and makes them for all types of parties and weddings so she did all the cake, cupcakes and cookies for the shower {she is also making Jena's wedding cake, she's so talented!}. I made the banner as well as the cupcake toppers, favor tags, bride to be/mother of the bride/grandmother of the bride brooch-like things for them to wear, advice cards and other various paper things. I swear Sierra and I could rule the small party world around here {we definitely kidded around about going into business together, but its not that far of a stretch}. We got to her mother's house about 3 hours before the party began and set up all the decorations and put together the food table, cake table, balloon wall with banner and anything else that needed to be done. I think it turned out pretty well and Jena was super surprised when she walked through the door. She had not a clue as to what was going on. Her mother had told her that they were going to take her, her son and her soon to be husband out for a nice dinner so that way she'd dress up. It was the perfect setup! So here are some pictures from the day.

The cake table and the hung decorations we made.

The cake and cupcakes Sierra made with the cupcake toppers I made.

Some more of the cupcakes with the toppers.

Do you spot the little diamonds scattered around the cupcakes? It was cute touch.

The cookie favors Sierra made with the favor tags I made.

Jena all surprised and so happy to see everyone.

Jena with her cake.

Jena and her mother, Donna.

Jena with her mom and grandmother.

Jena with members of her extended family.

The cake and food were so yummy, there was a great turnout and Jena got some really amazing gifts, so all in all it was a great shower! I'm so glad we did this for her and it made her smile. Here are some up close images of the things I made just for fun.

Making the banner.

The advice cards.

The favor tags to go on the favor cookie bags.

The cupcake toppers.

The bride to be brooch thing.

Now I'm tired and off to work this morning. Hopefully I can function properly. Have a great Monday! xoxo, Kayleigh.