Hello everyone!

I promise you guys I am still alive! Did you miss me? I sure as hell missed you all! My last post on here a little under a year ago (I know can you believe it? An entire year!) consisted of me dropping a huge ball on you guys that I was pregnant and I had promised (again with those empty promises) to come back from time to time to share bits and pieces of my life while pregnant. Well I never held up my end of the bargain and I wanted to stop in to apologize and let you all know with regret that I'm closing this chapter of my life. While I loved blogging some of it started to feel forced and I was all over the place when it came to ideas for this little blog of mine. Plus with a new baby and now back to working at my full time job I really don't have the extra time or energy I once had to give it my all. Maybe one day in the future I'll get it together and have something smaller or more specific, but I felt I owed it to you guys and myself to come back and say officially I wouldn't be back.

One very important detail to mention though that I never shared with you all is that we had a girl! Her name is Nora and she is the sweetest most adorable little human we ever laid eyes on! Ian and I are so in love and can't believe that she'll be turning 5 months next week! Time sure does fly by! With that being said I will be leaving this blog up at least for the time being in case anyone would like to look back in the archives and if you want to keep in touch or have any questions you can always shoot me an email or come follow me on instagram @kbellant. My account is private so just shoot me a follow request. Thank you all so much for following along for the short time I blogged. It was fun while it lasted and I appreciated all the support!

For a last little blog hoorah here is a sweet little picture I snapped over the weekend of our sweet baby Nora and a little peak into her room. She is spoiled beyond words!



Hello! Is anyone still out there? I really hope so! Well back in December I made a small confession to you all that I was taking a time out and getting myself better because I was suffering from OCD and that I'd be back sometime after Christmas full time. Well since then big things have happened over here. While my OCD treatment is still on going I feel tons better and have made huge improvements. I also didn't intend to be out this long so I feel I owe you all a huge explanation.
We are pregnant!!!! And expecting our first baby in September! This ultrasound picture is from our first visit back in early January. Ian and I are so ecstatic and have been busily working over here the past few weeks to get everything ready for our baby's arrival while I have tons of energy. I am 4 months now and will be finding out the gender in exactly 2 weeks which I can not wait. I had a bit of a rough 1st trimester which explains the huge radio silence over here, but so far my 2nd trimester has proven to be much better. I'm not promising that I'll be back full time anytime soon, but I do plan to pop in from time to time to share things with you like the baby's room that we are slowly working on, etc. So that's that and I hope you guys can understand as we navigate this big, wonderful and life changing event in our lives!



This picture is what dreams are made of! Or mine for that matter! Could you even imagine!? Because I definitely could! How lovely it would be to live like this instead of in 80 degree weather like down here in the South. It was so nice and cold for Thanksgiving and made it feel like the holidays and then wham, back into the upper 70's this week and it hit me like a train! I have not been feeling the best these past couple of days due to the weather fluctuating, and it is no fun! My body is definitely fighting something off because I'm exhausted and achy. Today I just wanted to pop in to let you all know what the heck is going to be going on around these parts for the next month. I've decided to kind of take it easy from now until after Christmas so I can spend more time with my family and work on getting myself better so my posts will probably be sporadic until then. Don't worry nothing crazy serious is wrong with me, but I've been keeping a little (actually big) secret from you all, and no I'm not pregnant so erase that from your wandering minds. I am, however someone suffering from OCD. If you don't know what OCD stands for it is better known as obsessive compulsive disorder. My OCD is more centered on a phobia of germs and hand washing rituals. I know it's kind of out of the blue to drop this bomb on you all, but for me, an important part of the healing and treatment process is admitting to it and not hiding it from people anymore. I've had it mildly since I was 15 and lately it has become out of control. I just recently started working with a therapist so hopefully in the near future I can get it under control. Maybe when I'm back to posting full time after Christmas I will talk about it more in depth and explain it a little bit better, but for now I just wanted to mention it as it's become a huge part of my life and I think its only fair to let you all know the real reason as to why I've been MIA lately. In this time away, I'm also working on a semi-redesign for the blog AND I'm excited to announce that I may be welcoming a good friend of mine in joining me for some post series'. Working a full time job and keeping this baby up and running has proven to be somewhat exhausting (even though I love it) so some much needed help will be really nice and welcomed to bring you all the best content I can!! I'm also revamping Artsy Tuesday and making it into more of an interview type post so some exciting things are definitely in the works over this way!! So just hang tight for awhile and stay tuned!!!

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Just wanted to let you all know that I'm okay and still here, but that I'm taking a time out for my sanity. I've got a bunch of things going on and I need some time and it'll probably be until after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, that means not sharing my Vegas trip with you all right now as I hoped to, but I promise when I get back in action I will share all the details. Hope you all have a great rest of the week and thanks for understanding! xx
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I (and Lily, of course) wanted to take the time today to thank all of the brave men and women who have served in our armed services. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service and for protecting our freedoms!!