I am now accepting sponsorship/advertising starting at a low price of $5. Why so low, you ask? Well I am still in the small stages of my blog and slowly, but surely gaining more readers everyday. Each sponsorship will get a small monthly introduction, a monthly feature, and an ad on my sidebar. I will accept sponsorships/advertising from personal blogs, companies, and even Etsy shops that I believe in and love. If you want to go another route then we could also talk about possibly swapping ad space.

If your interested in sponsoring/advertising, swapping ad space, or have any questions about sponsoring/advertising in general just email me at kbellant16 [at] gmail [dot] com and we can talk about it. I would be so honored and thrilled to have you join The Gotta Have It Girl! Thanks so much to everyone for continuing to visit and read my blog each and every day and look forward to hearing from you.

Disclosure Statement: The Gotta Have It Girl is currently a for profit blog and occasionally provides affiliate links in posts or on sidebars.

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